What It’s Like to Work at an E-commerce Company

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By Hen Eizenberg

Ecommerce Is Having a Moment… And It’s Not Ending Anytime Soon!

According to Statista.com, in the first quarter of 2021, the share of E-commerce in total U.S. retail sales was 13.6 percent,(over 215 billion U.S. dollars) up from 11.4 percent from the corresponding quarter in the previous year. 

It seems that one thing we have learned from the coronavirus is that people who previously found it intimidating to order online, had to master this skill.  E-commerce is here to stay and potent in the sales world. The landscape for purchasing has changed, meaning more flexibility for customers, better prices, better opportunities, affordable advertising, faster response to buyer demands, and a thriving sector in tech that can be an incredible path for the future.

 So, why work in  E-commerce? 

It’s Dynamic and flexible!

E-commerce is the gateway to consumer technology, where you can interact with millions of customers in real-time daily and be part of an evolving customer revolution.  If voice shopping (using Amazon Echo or Google Home) once seemed a bit futuristic, it’s estimated to hit over 40 Billion across U.S and UK by 2022, according to Tech Crunch.  Global shopping has become easy, even for the most technology-challenged. According to Unctad.org, the estimated value of global B2B e-commerce in 2019 represents 82% of all e-commerce, Can you see where this is going? Ecommerce is the future of sales and it’s already here. 

 You Learn to Grasp “Big Picture” Thinking

In eCommerce, you learn to take in the ideation, production, logistics, data, assets, and potential to help brands thrive. Big picture thinking makes you think of the whole puzzle rather than one little piece, and once you have all the information, you can make conscious decisions and see results. It’s for people comfortable with numbers, with an ever-changing matrix of variables, people who are always looking for a wider view and won’t take narrow for an answer. Using technology, you can gather data, get supply chain validation, and use automated workflow to drive products to the top search results.  Getting to the big picture is a crucial trait in thriving in eCommerce: you learn to grasp a range of factors, such as supply chain management, upselling and cross-selling, improved customer service, and more. The abundance of information teaches you to become a pro at managing, opening doors in almost every field. And, of course, the value of having an impact on a field that is growing at a miraculous pace. It’s the time to thrive.

Big Data, Big Idea

One of the most exciting aspects of eCommerce is that it teaches you to thrive on data. Once you realize that you can watch the ebb and flow of your product as it moves, from production all the way to marketing, you realize how interesting it could be to be on top of everything. Data is the new oil, and one of the evolving positions in eCommerce is a data scientist. Data scientists use data cleansing, basically to take all the data from the past and present and use a combination of analytical skills and flexible thinking to translate the knowledge into terms that can be used to make sure the product finds its way to the consumer.

In a nutshell, eCommerce is moving at voluminous speeds, and the opportunities are endless. It’s the best of both worlds, the benefits of working in a fast-paced environment and being in the tech world,  and also the benefits of creative and entrepreneurial thinking. It teaches you to understand different methodologies and impacts how people buy, think independently, and make smart decisions while being part of an evolving and fascinating field. In eCommerce, you can be the reason for the change and use numbers to thrive and move into one of the fastest data-driven opportunities right now. Are you ready to be part of a customer revolution?

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