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the technology

Introducing Z2A

Z2A is a cutting-edge eCommerce technology platform that predicts what consumers want and ensures it is brought to their attention, fueling growth for our brands.

Data gathering

An ever-evolving database gathers data produced from multiple data sources, ranging from consumer behavior and product trends to analyzing and indexing thousands of product reviews on hundreds of platforms using NLP.

In order to collect countless data points across platforms simultaneously and to analyze and consolidate the info so it can be turned into actionable insights in just moments, we’ve created the robust Z2A platform. Using state-of-the-art machine learning, our proprietary predictive technology gets better and better the more actions it records.

A/B testing (Purchases)


Audience 1

Audience 2

Audience 3

Insights turn into machine prediction

All data is funneled into one control panel. There, the data turns into smart actionable insights. Using artificial intelligence, predictive algorithms, marketing tactics and statistical methods, predictions about product risk and success are made.

Supply chain validation

Our industrial design team creates different product designs which are A/B tested and verifiedlive. Only after they go through a strict quality assurance, we will commence with the production of the final items-line ready to answer consumers’ needs.

Product Delivery



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From achieving goal

Precise marketing automation

Automated workflow culminates with the final product launch, which is fully automated and orchestrated between our different marketing tools. Afterwards, the products are offered as the latest releases of one of Expander’s established online brands. Our advanced precise marketing technology then swings into action.

Within 60 days, it drives the products to the top of search results organically as well as through precise in-store paid marketing, which gets unparalleled ROAS.

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