Partner your way to greatness

We believe that the path to success is through partnering with entrepreneurs, as opposed to buying them out.

By using our platform, we are able to double and triple the revenue of the eCommerce brands we acquire in no time.

Want to know how?

We find the right brands

Using our robust platform, we can integrate any Amazon business and get the full image of its assets, data and potential. We will only acquire brands after a rigorous assessment and strong conclusion that we can multiply their market share within 24 months.

We expand brands

After in-depth market research, we develop a product roadmap based on consumer needs. Not only do we increase existing product sales, we also create new brand extensions and establish more revenue streams.

We expand reach

Enabled by our platform’s advanced capabilities and established operations, we expand existing sales activities to new platforms and marketing geographics.

Within 60 days, our marketing methods drive the products to the top of search results organically as well as through precise in-store paid marketing.

Our product launches have more than an 80% success rate, with a revenue increase of more than 300% annually.


We started as sellers ourselves and therefore know the daily challenges of the trade. We’ve built a platform that has the sellers’ best interests at heart. You’ve worked hard and should reap the rewards of your work beyond the one-time exit.

Want to take your brand to the next stage?