5 Creative Ways To Overcome Your Post-Covid Supply Chain Challenge

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By Doron Azran

When  Covid-19 made its way into our world in 2020, a period of uncertainty arose everywhere, especially in the supply chain. Everything that seemed to work fine was suddenly under question, including pressure at global ports, shipment confirmation issues, and container availability.

All this came simultaneously with a massive demand for essentials that nobody knew how to handle. When unexpected change comes, we sometimes need to rearrange how we work and develop creative solutions. In this case, e-commerce companies were forced to redefine the way we ship, order, and even systemize the global supply chain.

Sharing is Caring

Nobody expected this new sense of community that arose from such a supply chain challenge. All the social networks started to help each other and share information about roadblocks and solutions. From Facebook and WhatsApp groups to Telegram and industry blogs, challenges were no longer something you had to figure out on your own.

If you get into enough Facebook groups and share your issues and solutions, the world is your container ship! From discounts, hacks, and even names of providers, it’s all there. Even providers are on the platform, sharing deals too.

 Take Your Shipping Digital

This is probably the most significant addition to the new post-Covid world! Everything and anything can become digitalized regarding shipping. Once it is all spread out before us, we have the advantage of better decision-making. It’s essential to get your systems in check, as this makes it easy to know what you have and what you need and helps you keep track of everything there is. Artificial Intelligence has changed our lives in so many good ways – now every company can tailor-make their shipping systems to their liking.

Redefine the Way of Shipping

One of the main points that was questioned during the pandemic was how we ship.  We learned how to check other alternatives and to think outside of the container!  It’s now the time to consolidate! This means checking your shipments and merging your goods as much as possible instead of doing partial shipments, even if it means that the goods might be delayed.

Look for creative alternatives: Opting for a temperature-controlled container, a 45 HC container, or even opting to separate and ship in 20 ft containers are ways to rethink the way we ship and do it more effectively.

Go Global

One of the most creative ways to succeed here is to think outside of your circles. We no longer have to settle for what we know. There are no boundaries; we can get help from anywhere in the world. We can thrive with the help of brokers and forwarders and interact with people in different time zones and languages. Often, we can reap the benefits of a more cost-effective solution, sometimes lowering the numbers to up to 30% less.

Employees Are Now Your Best Asset

One of the most significant things to change during or because of the pandemic was the role of the employee. In the past, being employed in this industry was more about stocking warehouses and physically working in storage. Post-coronavirus, employees need flexible thinking! They need to know how to find better ways to ship, organize, and order their business. Once employees took on the role of all these things, the shipping landscape changed. The middleman is no longer so important, and with the right employee, anyone can streamline shipping to the max.

While Covid-19 brought us many tough challenges, it also taught us to dig deeper and not let there be limits – not in size, volume, or abilities. It’s time to either think out of the container or risk the consequence of cubing out! 

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