Harnessing a world of possibilities to answer individual needs

We have developed a robust platform that connects sophisticated market research, production and effective in-platform marketing.


We know what people (really) want.

An ever-evolving database provides insights into online shopping trends. Product ideas are being A/B tested and verified. A continuous loop funnels data of buying behavior, shopping-platform algorithm changes and marketing tactics, resulting in predictions about product risk and success. We call our platform Z2A.

Continues with production

Once a product idea has met our criteria, an in-house team scours similar existing products and offers improvements based on internal data. A unique variation of the product is created, and a production team in China gets going with the actual production. Strict quality control measures assure the premium nature of our goods.

And ends with precise marketing

The products are now offered as the latest releases of one of Expander’s established online brands. Our marketing team, enabled by our advanced targeting technology, swings into action. Within 60 days, they drive the products to the top of search results organically as well as through precise in-store paid marketing, which gets unparalleled ROAS.

We know how to build e‑Commerce brands, from scratch, fast, all emanating from a proven product demand.

Sellers, discover your Amazon brand’s true potential!

We buy Amazon brands created by skillful talent, creating a cooperation that takes the brand to a whole new level.
A mutual partnership amplifies the brand with Expander’s predictive technology + production facilities + performance excellence and proven marketing capabilities.

Over 80% success rate in product launches in the past three years with a revenue increase of more than 300% annually!

Introducing Z2A

Z2A is a cutting-edge eCommerce technology platform that predicts what consumers want and ensures it is brought to their attention, fueling growth for our brands.

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